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1. Material: stainless steel
2. Approx length : 11.5cm
3. Package Contents :1* manicure claw (the cotton is not included)

1. Removes polish from nails quickly and with no mess
2. Never touch an acetone soaked cotton ball
3. Innovative, easy to use tool
4. The Manicure Saver Cotton Claw is a unique device for allowing you to remove polish from 1 or all 10 nails quickly, easily and with no mess.
5. An innovative tool to remove your polish without ever touching the acetone soaked cotton ball.
6. Never touch an acetone soaked cotton ball again.
7. Holds cotton to remove polish from fingers and toes while protecting your manicure.
8. Help you clean the nail stamping plates more convenient

How to use:
1.Press down on the black tip. The claw part will open to hold the cotton ball in place.
2.Release black tip (claw) to secure the cotton ball and dip into the acetone

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.05kgs / 0.12lb
Qty per Carton 500
Carton Weight 27.00kgs / 59.52lb
Carton Size 90cm * 79cm * 55cm / 35.43inch * 31.1inch * 21.65inch

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