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1. Ozone will chemically react with formaldehyde to produce harmless water, oxygen, carbon dioxide
2. The area where the ultraviolet disinfection is not irradiated cannot be sterilized.If there is ozone,Not irradiated Can also be sterilized,360 degrees without dead ends
3. Ozone disinfection must be ventilated for half an hour to enter, ozone absorption is harmful to the human body
4. Protection bar anti-collision, protect the lamp tube, the delicate lines of the germicidal lamp, showing the sense of science and technology
6. There are elderly people, patients, children, pregnant women, pets, etc. It is recommended to choose ozone-free sterilization, which is safer!
7. Many occasions require disinfection lamps, and the health of the family is more important than anything else!
8. Ultraviolet rays can destroy the molecular structure of microorganisms, thereby achieving the effect of rapidly killing pathogens, suitable for spring and autumn, and bacterial breeding season. Suitable for new home, sterilization and anti-virus, remove formaldehyde!
9. It is recommended that you sterilize 2~3 times a week for 30~60 minutes, and it is recommended to ventilate for 30 minutes after disinfection.
10. Voltage: 220V
11. Power: 40W
12. Size:59x11x11cm
13. Weight: 450g

Tip: When using UV disinfection lamps, people and animals and plants must leave the scene. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can burn peoples skin and eyes. It is necessary to ventilate for 20-30 minutes without ozone UV disinfection.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.54kgs / 1.19lb
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 11.50kgs / 25.35lb
Carton Size 64cm * 77cm * 62cm / 25.2inch * 30.31inch * 24.41inch

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