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1. Car electronic water pumps. Many new energy vehicles, RVs and other special vehicles are often used in miniature water pumps as water circulation, cooling or on-board water supply systems. Such miniature self-priming water pumps are collectively referred to as automobile water pumps.
2. The circular motion of the motor causes the diaphragm inside the pump to reciprocate through mechanical devices, thereby compressing and stretching the air in the pump cavity (fixed volume). Under the action of the check valve, a positive pressure is formed at the drain (The actual output pressure is related to the assistance received by the pump drain and the characteristics of the pump); a vacuum is formed at the pump outlet, which creates a pressure difference with the outside atmospheric pressure. Under the action of the pressure difference, the water is pressed into the water inlet and then discharged from the water outlet. Under the action of the kinetic energy transmitted by the motor, water is continuously sucked in and discharged out to form a relatively stable flow.
3. OE: 0400032528/G904047030/G904047031. This is just for reference. Please confirm the OE number before purchasing.
4. Material: metal + plastic
5. Fits for Toyota Prius 2004-2009.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.01kgs / 2.23lb
Qty per Carton 10
Carton Weight 11.50kgs / 25.35lb
Carton Size 52cm * 48cm * 42cm / 20.47inch * 18.9inch * 16.54inch

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